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16 August 2015 @ 01:18 am
not here anymore, you can find me over on tumblr
friends only
not adding
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15 December 2011 @ 09:49 pm
three months since my last post and i've decided i want to start using livejournal again; i've got a lot of shit going on in my life, and i need to let it out somehow. sadly, this also means that i needed to remove a lot of people, because i had almost 100 friends and i barely remember 60% of them, and i've never been really comfortable posting about my personal life and knowing someone who is, for all intents and purposes, a stranger is reading it. i'm sorry.

i did make an effort to make sure i didn't accidentally remove someone i didn't intend to, but i've been gone so long and idk how many people have renamed, so if you feel as though i've wrongly removed you, please feel free to PM me.

also could anyone who has added me recently and not been added back please remove me from your flist? i will never understand why people add me out of the blue; the first entry on my journal makes it pretty clear i'm not adding new friends. thank you.
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14 July 2010 @ 06:30 pm

PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM YOUR FRIENDS LIST. if i've removed you idk why you've not removed me in return. as for people who have added me randomly, i am not adding friends, and i can't really fathom why you'd add me when the first post on my livejournal says, verbatim, "friends only; not adding." it seems pretty clear to me that i don't want to be added by people i don't know.

so please. remove me from your friends lists, or i will ban you.


mutual friends, feel free to ignore this. ♥
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18 May 2010 @ 11:50 am
friends cut

just removed roughly half my friends list. mostly it's a combination of the fact that i haven't talked to you in forever, i cannot keep up with a flist of almost 100, and, honestly, because i never check my flist i literally could not recall who a great number of you were. :\

i've been planning on doing this for a while, i just finally got off my ass and actually did it. if you think i've made a mistake you're welcome to PM me.

please remove in return.
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02 July 2009 @ 06:32 pm
friends cut

because i've been incredibly disconnected lately, and i can't remember who half of you are and haven't really talked to anyone outside of livejournal in months. i wish you all the best.

please remove me in return.
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